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> Our previous conclusion has been re-confirmed to great accuracy.
> Also, Marc shows great consistency in his use of the 'uj.

maj.  I must've either done the calculation, or gotten the value from
someone else who had done so.  {'uj} = 34.83 cm is settled then.  This
also makes an {'uj'a'} = 313.47 cm if I'm not mistaken.

> A kilogram is specifically a measure of mass, rather than force,
> so it should be mass if the gloss is to be taken literally. However,
> it is sometimes used colloquially in expressions like "On the moon,
> I'd only weigh about 15 kg!"

Unfortunately, the canon uses of {cheb}/{cheb'a'} confuse weight and mass.

>From msn.onstage.startrek.expert.okrand:
"A common unit of weight is <cheb>, which is around five pounds (2.25
kg or so)."

>From the Bird-of-Prey poster:
{wejvatlh SochmaH vagh SaD cheb'a'mey ngI' Duj}
"Mass: 8.7KT lit. The ship has a weight of 375,000 cheb'a'."

Assuming KT = kiloton = 1000 tons, there's still the problem of
whether a "ton" is:

(1) "long" (or "imperial") ton: 2240 lb / 1016.047 kg
(2) "short" ton: 2000 lb / 907.185 kg
(3) metric ton: (or "tonne"): 2204.62 lb / 1000 kg

There's also the question of whether a {cheb'a'} is (A) 9 {cheb} or
(B) 10 {cheb} (or maybe even some other multiple).

The possibilities are:
(A1) 5.774 lb / 2.619 kg
(A2) 5.156 lb / 2.339 kg
(A3) 5.683 lb / 2.578 kg
(B1) 5.197 lb / 2.357 kg
(B2) 4.64 lb / 2.105 kg
(B3) 5.115 lb / 2.32 kg

None of these are particularly close to the state value of around 5 lb
/ 2.25 kg.  However, I might've made a mistake somewhere, so someone
please check my math.

It seems that common usage in the USA is to short the short ton (2000
lb), in which case (A2) appears to be the correct scenario: a {cheb}
is 5.156 lb / 2.339 kg, and a {cheb'a'} is 46.4 lb / 21.05 kg.

'anan naHQun:
> Doesn't DloraH have a chart on-line somewhere?
> I tried looking for it, but failed.
> I've always used those measurements when doing any conversions.

I managed to locate these two pages:

However, neither of them explain how they decided on their values of
{cheb} and {cheb'a'}.  Furthermore, they contradict each other.

DloraH's site has: {cheb} = 4.96 lb / 2.25 kg
the Wikia site has: {cheb} = 1.008 lb / 2.27 kg

The only thing I have to go on is the two canonical uses cited above.


~ Q

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