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Klingon Word of the Day for Sunday, October 25, 2020

Klingon word: rIHwI'
Part of speech: noun
Definition: energizer

AFAIK never used in a sentence.

  While still inside the Terran system, Kirk ordered "Energizers off!" and the Enterprise came to an apparent halt. Then Kirk ordered the warp drive engaged. (ST2) 

  After being attacked by the planet-killer, Damage Control reported that the energizers were out and the Enterprise had lost warp drive. (TOS "The Doomsday Machine")

  After the Enterprise's dilithium crystals had been nearly drained, Kirk ordered them re-amplified. The machine that performed this re-amplification was called the energizer and was located in Engineering in a special room; also called the energizing circuits. Lazarus caused the energizer to short out when he stole two crystals; his ship took ten minutes to re-energize two of the Enterprise's drained 6 x 9 inch dilithium crystal. (TOS "The Alternative Factor")

rIH  		energize (v) 

  "We are energizing transporter beam... now." (Kirk, about to transport off his ship [ST3])

  "Energize!" as command to activate transporter (TOS "The Enemy Within" et al.)

  The Enterprise's warp engines were "re-calibrated and re-energized" (TOS "Tomorrow is Yesterday")

laQ 		fire, energize [e.g. thrusters] (v)
chu' 		activate (v)
Huj 		charge [up] (v)
tlhuD 		emit [energy, radiation] (v)

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