[tlhIngan Hol] ck tnk je {mej} lo' vs qepHom 2019 {mej} De'

SuStel sustel at trimboli.name
Thu Oct 22 07:23:12 PDT 2020

On 10/22/2020 10:20 AM, mayqel qunen'oS wrote:
> jIH:
> > ej bIQ'a' HeHDaq maHtaHvIS,
> > majatlhchugh < DaH mamej >, vaj bIQ'a'
> > HeHDaq qaS "the leaving"; 'ach origin
> > 'oHbe' bIQ'a' HeH'e'..
> If while we're at the shore we say {DaH mamej}, then the "leaving" 
> takes place at the shore, but the origin (that which is left behind) 
> isn't the shore.
> The "leaving" takes place at the shore, but the shore isn't left 
> behing. We're moving along the shore, from one point to another.

If you're walking along the shore, you're not leaving the shore, so you 
wouldn't say *bIQ'a' HeH wImej.* If you say *mamej,* then you're leaving 
/someplace,/ but you're not being specific about which place you're 
leaving (because it's obvious). If you wanted to be very specific, you 
could say *Daqvam wImej* or whatever, but you have to actually leave the 
place you say you're leaving for it to be correct.

I still don't see your problem.


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