[tlhIngan Hol] Explicit pronouns again

SuStel sustel at trimboli.name
Tue Oct 13 08:00:52 PDT 2020

On 10/13/2020 10:57 AM, Luis Chaparro Caballero wrote:
>>> If you want to stress the jIH, kind of like raising your hand to be noticed, you might say puH Duj vIghaj jIH and say the jIH extra loudly. ("Ooh! Ooh!*I*  have a car!" You're not excluding someone else from having a car. And you'd have to say the jIH loudly. Just saying jIH without stressing it isn't enough.)
> Because if I don't stress the*jIH*  or say it extra loudly, the sentence*puH Duj vIghaj jIH*  would only be an extra clear version of*puH Duj vIghaj*  (if I want to be extra sure people understand me), but it wouldn't make the effect of attracting attention, right?
>> It attracts attention because you're being extra clear. What it doesn't do is add focus to the pronoun. It doesn't say "I and nobody else" the way jIH'e' does. If you happen to include an explicit pronoun where you didn't have to, nobody is going to stop you and ask, "Why did you emphasize the pronoun like that?" You just said a pronoun. No big deal.
> Ok. I was just trying to understand why you said "Just saying jIH without stressing it isn't enough". I understood "isn't enough for attracting attention". If I don't stress it, it is "only" a redundant pronoun or an extra clear sentence. Maybe I'm missing your point, sorry.

I think you've got it. It all comes down to what "emphasis" means: you 
can't take for granted that you know this. Okrand uses it to mean 
different things in different places. In the case of explicit pronouns, 
it means clarity. In the case of *-'e',* it means focus.


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