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oxi ! oxi !! oxi !!!


nuq 'oH oxi'e' ? 'elaDya' Qo'/ghobe' mu' 'oH oxi'e', 'ej mu'vam qolmeH
vay', "ohi" jatlhnIS, 'ej syllable wa'DIch (o) DutnIS.

DaHjaj 'elaDya'Daq qaS ohi jaj lop:


jatlh wikipedia Daqvam:

"This ultimatum, which was presented to Metaxas by the Italian
ambassador to Greece, Emanuele Grazzi, shortly after 03:00 am on 28
October 1940, who had just come from a party in the Italian embassy in
Athens, demanded Greece allow Axis forces to enter Greek territory and
occupy certain unspecified "strategic locations" or otherwise face
war. It was allegedly answered with a single laconic word: όχι (No!).
However, his actual reply was, “Alors, c’est la guerre!” (Then it is

< jar wa'maH jaj cha'maH chorghDIch DIS wa'-Hut-loS-pagh, athens
'Italya' 'oSwI' qach lopvo' cheghpu' 'Italya' 'oSwI' emanuele grazzi,
'ej qaSpu'DI' wejvatlh rep 'op latlh poH ngaj je, 'elaDya' lechmeH,
metaxas ghoSpu'. 'elaDya' Daq'a' lu'el axis mangghom 'ej 'op 'elaDya'
Daq potlhqu' Dan mangghommeyvam 'e' chaw' 'elaDya' 'e' poQ 'Italya'
'oSwI'. HeQbe'chugh 'elaDya', vaj ghob 'Italya'. jangmeH metaxas, wa'
laconic mu' jatlhlaw'pu': < ohi; > 'ach mu'na'Daj bIHpu': < vaj maghob
! > >

vaj maghobta'.. 'a chay' qo' noH cha' 'elaDya' Dellu'pu' ? pelaD:

'Internet DaqDaq bIHtaH mu'mey veb'e' vIrevbogh)

Adolf Hitler:
"For the sake of historical truth I must verify that only the Greeks,
of all the adversaries who confronted us, fought with bold courage and
highest disregard of death.. " (From speech he delivered to Reichstag
on 4 May 1941)

< qun vIt vIchIDmeH, vay' vIwoqnIS; nuqaDpu' ghol law', 'ach
yoHchu'pu' wa' neH. Hegh qImHa'chu'pu' wa' ghol neH. 'ej gholvam chaH
'elaDya'ngan'e'. (reichstag SoQ, jar vagh, jaj loSDIch, DIS
wa'-Hut-loS-wa') >

Winston Churchill:
"The word heroism I am afraid does not render the least of those acts
of self-sacrifice of the Greeks, which were the defining factor in the
victorious outcome of the common struggle of the nations, during WWII,
for the human freedom and dignity. If it were not for the bravery of
the Greeks and their courage, the outcome of WWII would be
undetermined." (Paraphrased from one of his speeches to the British
Parliament on 24 April 1941)"
"Until now we used to say that the Greeks fight like heroes. Now we
shall say: The heroes fight like Greeks." (From a speech he delivered
from the BBC in the first days of the Greco-Italian war)"

< 'an'eghmoHpu' 'elaDya'nganpu', 'ach tameychaj chIwchoHlaHbe'law' Sub
mu'. qaStaHvIS qo' noH cha', Human tlhab Human nur je QanmeH, Suvpu'
qo' Sepmey, 'ej Sepmeyvam yay luSIghchu'pu' 'elaDya'nganpu' ta'.
'elaDya'nganpu' yoH qajunpaQchaj je tu'lu'be' net jalchugh, vaj chaq
jaS vanpu' qo' noH cha'. (wa' winston churchill SoQ choHlu'pu', 'ej
ghIq revlu'pu'; jar loS, jaj cha'maH loSDIch, DIS wa-Hut-loS-wa'
'Inglan qum qach) >
< qaSpu'pa' bovvam, majatlh, < SuvtaHvIS 'elaDya'nganpu', Subpu' rur;
> 'ach DaH majatlhchoH: < SuvtaHvIS Subpu', 'elaDya'nganpu' rur. >
(qaStaHvIS 'elaDya'-'Italya' noH jajmey wa'DIch, bbc HaSta jIH
malja'Daq SoQvam jatlhpu' churchill.) >

Joseph Vissarionovich Tzougasvili Stalin:
"I am sorry because I am getting old and I shall not live long to
thank the Greek People, whose resistance decided WWII." (From a speech
of his broadcast by the Moscow radio station on 31 January 1943 after
the victory of Stalingrad and the capitulation of marshal Paulus)

< qo' noH cha' luSIghchu'pu' 'elaDya'ngan, SuvtaHvIS; jIqanmo', 'ej
nuplI'mo' yInwij poH, tagha' 'elaDya'nganpu' vItlho'laHbe', jIHvaD poH
yap tu'lu'be'mo'. vaj jI'IQ. (qaSpu'DI' stalingrad yay, 'ej jeghpu'DI'
paulus la'quv, SoQvam 'ay' labpu' maSquwa' Se' HablI' malja') >

Charles de Gaul:
"I am unable to give the proper breadth of gratitude I feel for the
heroic resistance of the People and the leaders of Greece." (From a
speech of his to the French Parliament after the end of WWII)

< SuvtaHviS 'elaDya'nganpu' DevwI'pu'chaj je, yoHtaH. chaHvaD tlho'
vItlh vISIQ, 'ej tlho'vam luchIwchu'bogh mu' vItu'laHbe'. (vIraS qum
qachDaq SoQvam jatlhpu', vanpu'DI' qo' noH cha') >

Moscow, Radio Station to Greece:
"You fought unarmed and won, small against big. We owe you gratitude,
because you gave us time to defend ourselves. As Russians and as
people we thank you." (When Hitler attacked the U.S.S.R.)

< pagh nuH boghajtaHvIS, SuSuvtaH, 'ej SuQappu'; HoSghaj'wI'pu'
boSuvpu', ramlaw'wI'pu'.. tlhIHvaD tlho'maj wIwel; tlhIHmo' maHvaD
Hub'eghmeH poH tu'lu'pu'. DItlho'; raSya'nganpu' maHmo', Humanpu'
maHmo', DItlho'. ('elaDya'vaD mu'meyvam jatlhpu' maSquwa' Se' HablI'
malja', raSya' HIvpu'DI' hitler) >

Benito Mussolini:
"The war with Greece proved that nothing is firm in the military and
that surprises always await us." (From speech he delivered on

< qaStaHvIS noH, pagh DIch tu'lu', 'ej reH nuloS numerbogh wanI'mey
'e' tob 'elaDya' noH (jar vagh jaj wa'maHDIch DIS wa-Hut-loS-wa' SoQ)

~ Q

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