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Klingon Word of the Day for Sunday, November 08, 2020

Klingon word: Hergh
Part of speech: noun
Definition: medicine

qarDaSQa'Daq ruDelya' rop'a' Hergh qengbogh yo' Dabot. 
Intercept Rudellian plague relief convoy to Cardassian Union. (MKE)

nuqDaq ghaH Hergh ngevwI''e' 
Where is the chemist?  (TNK)

{Dargh wIb} "sour tea" may be a general heartburn, indigestion or hangover remedy:
    vaj Dargh wIb DatlhutlhnIS.  Hoch vor Dargh wIb. 
    Then you need to drink sour tea. Sour tea cures everything. (CK)
B'Ellana burned some incense in her quarters, a "combination of mental relaxant and expeller of demons. It's an ancient Klingon remedy." (VOY "Nothing Human")

Klingon agent Kras told Maab, "What did they [the Federation] give you? Liquids and powders for the sick! We Klingons believe as you do. The sick should die, only the strong should live." (TOS "Friday's Child")

Hergh ngevwI'  		chemist [i.e. apothecary,  pharmacist, druggist] (n)
Hergh qengbogh yo'  	relief convoy (n)
Hergh QaywI'  		pneumatic hypo, hypospray (medical device) (n)
HerghwI'  		"hypo" (n) [medical slang? Cf. HQ 1.3:9 < veS QonoS] 
nuch Hergh 		aspirin (n)

‘enteD 			drug (n)
(qep’a’ 2020 notes):  Most {‘enteDmey} are used ritualistically, but recreational use is not unheard of (as with alcohol).

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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