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>Klingon Word of the Day for Monday, November 09, 2020
>Klingon word: 	jav
>Part of speech: 	noun
>Definition: 	sixth tone of nonatonic musical scale

>{KGT 72-73):   Older Klingon music was based on a nonatonic 
>scale--that is, one made up of nine tones. Each tone has a specific 
>name, comparable to the "do, re, mi" system used in describing music 
>on Earth. The nine tone names are (the first and ninth, as with 
>Earth's "do," being the same): {yu, bIm, 'egh, loS, vagh, jav, Soch, 
>chorgh, yu}. While the first three (and ninth) of these words 

One becomes curious as to whether this represents an analog to the
common American "movable 'do'" solfege scale, where 'do' is simply the
tonic of a diatonic scale, or the European "fixed 'do'" solfege scale,
where 'do' refers to (I believe) C.

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