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Proscription of pagan religion

The persecution of pagans under Theodosius I began in 381, after the
first couple of years of his reign in the Eastern Roman Empire. In the
380s, Theodosius I reiterated Constantine's ban on some practices of
Roman religion, prohibited haruspicy on pain of death, decreed
magistrates who did not enforce laws against polytheism were subject
to criminal prosecution, broke up some pagan associations and
tolerated attacks on Roman temples.

In 391 and 392 Theodosius promulgated three laws restricting pagan
religious practices. The first, issued in June 391 and addressed to
the urban prefect of Rome, banned ritual sacrifice and access to
temples, with heavy fines for infractors. A similar measure was
addressed to Alexandria in June 392. These two laws were apparently
aimed at public officials specifically and not binding on the
population at large. The third and more extreme law, issued in
November 392, prohibited pagan worship in every form, including animal
sacrifice and offerings of incense and wine, again threatening
offenders with confiscation of property. This measure was addressed
specifically to the praetorian prefect of the East, the staunchly
Christian Rufinus, and there is seemingly no evidence of its
application in the West, where Theodosius himself appointed several
pagans to high office to mollify them. He turned pagan holidays into
workdays, closed temples, confiscated Temple endowments and disbanded
the Vestal Virgins.[52] The practices of taking auspices and
witchcraft were punished. Theodosius refused to restore the Altar of
Victory in the Senate House, as asked by non-Christian senators.

>From 392 until his death in 395, while non-Christians continued to
request toleration,[54][55] he ordered, authorized, or at least failed
to punish, the closure or destruction of many temples, holy sites,
images and objects of piety throughout the empire.

In 393 he issued a comprehensive law that prohibited any public
non-Christian religious customs, and was particularly oppressive to
Manicheans. He is likely to have discontinued the ancient Olympic
Games, whose last record of celebration was in 393, though
archeological evidence indicates that some games were still held after
this date.


pagan lalDan botlu'.

roman wo' chan che'choHpu' theodosius wa', 'ej ghIq qaSpu'DI' cha'
DIS, tera' DIS wej-chorgh-wa', pagans 'IrghchoHpu' 'ej Haw'moHpu'
theodosius. pa'logh, 'op roman lalDan tay botpu' constantine, 'ej
tera' DIS wej-chorgh-pagh taymeyvam botqa'pu' theodosius. haruspicy
botpu', 'ej haruspicy tay lulopbogh nuv lumuHlu' 'e' wuq. Qun law'
quvmoHchugh nuv, 'ej nuvvamvaD Qun law' lalDan bIjmeH chutmey
pabbe'chugh loHwI'pu', vaj loHwI'pu'vam ghIpDIjlu' 'e' wuq theodosius,
'op pagan nugh ghomHa', 'ej roman chIrgh luHIvlu'taHvIS, vangQo'

tera' DIS wej-Hut-wa', tera' DIS wej-Hut-cha' je pagan lalDan taymey
vuSbogh wej chut'e' maqpu' theodosius. jar jav, DIS wej-Hut-wa', chut
wa'DIch maqpu', 'ej rome veng loHwI' wa'DIchvaD chutvam SovmoHpu'
theodosius. 'anmoHmeH tay, chIrghmey naw' je bot chutvam, 'ej chutvam
pabbe'chugh vay', vaj tlhoy vay'vam ruplu'. jar jav, DIS wej-Hut-cha',
alexandriavaD chutvam rurbogh wa' chut'e' maqpu' je. qum yaSpu''e'
boplaw'pu' cha' chutvam, 'ej roghvaH HochHom luraDpu'be'. 'ach jar
wa'waH wa', tera' DIS wej-Hut-cha', chut wejDIch maqpu' theodosius,
'ej chutvam yItlh law' chutmey vorgh yItlh puS; Hoch pagan quvmoHmeH
mIwmey botpu' chutvam. Ha'DIbaH lu'anmoHlu' 'e' bot, 'ej quvmoHmeH
tlhIch, HIq je cha'nob lunoblu' 'e' bot je. pe'vIl pabHa'wI'pu' yermey
tlhap qum 'e' maq theodosius. christian rufinusvaD, chan
praetorian-loHwI' matlhvaD, chutvam maqpu', 'ach wo' tIng 'evDaq
chutvam pablu' net poQlaw'be'; wo' tIng 'evDaq 'op pagans bItHa'moHmeH
'ej yeqqangmoHmeH, pa' pagansvamvaD patlhmey potlh gheSmoHpu'
theodosius. pagan lopmeyvaD vummeH jajmey mojmoHpu' theodosius, 'ej
chIrghmey SoQmoHpu'. chIrghmeyvaD 'op noblu'pu', 'ach pe'vIl Hochvam
tlhap qum 'e' maq theodosius, 'ej vestal pagh lungaghpu'bogh be'
maqlegh ghomHa'pu'. maQ tu'meH vay', puvbogh 'ej je'bogh bo'Deghmey
tu'chugh, vaj bIjlu', 'ej 'IDnar DIghchugh vay', bIjlu' je. quprIp
juHDaq yay lat chenqa'moHlu' 'e' lutlhob christian 'en qup, 'ach
latvam chenqa'moHlu' 'e' chaw'be' theodosius.

wo' HochDaq chIrgh law', quvbogh Daqmey, mIlloghmey, lalDan vIqraqmey
je luSoQmoHlu'pu' pagh luQaw'lu'pu'; 'e' ra' pagh chaw' pagh bIjbe'
theodosius, chaHvaD laj tu'lu'meH, tlhobtaHvIS christians 'en. tera'
DIS wej-Hut-cha', tera' DIS wej-Hut-vagh (theodosius Hegh DIS) je
qubbID qaS wanI'vam.

tera' DIS wej-Hut-wej, Hoch bopbogh chut'e' maqpu' theodosius; tlhop
christian 'en tIghmey bot chutvam, 'ej tlhoy manichaens 'Irgh 'ej QIH.
olympic Qujmey tIQ baqlaw'pu' theodosius; tera' DIS wej-Hut-wej
lopchaj Qav ta' tu'lu', 'ach vabDot qaSpu'DI' tera' poHvam, qaSqa' 'op
Quj 'e' lu'agh roSqa'QeD nompuq.

~ Dana'an

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