[tlhIngan Hol] Toss A Coin to Your Witcher - in Klingon

Lieven L. Litaer levinius at gmx.de
Mon May 11 14:09:07 PDT 2020

I have just translated the Jaskier song from the Witcher. It is
available in many languages and has been covered in multiple versions.
So I thought it would need a Klingon version, because the contents of
the story is pretty Klingon related

You can find the lyrics in the Klingon Wiki. I am sure that I have
sometimes stretched the grammar a little, but in this case, poetic
freedom should be permitted. ;-)


(English below)

ben law’ qaS lutvam.
Geralt of Rivia ghomDI’
bomwI’Hom wIvan.
DaH lutvam vIbom.

SuvDI’ ngavyaw’ chIS
ghaH qaDmo’ veqlargh
SIqnaSwaq QaSDaj
Hoch jaghpu’Daj jey.

jIH muHIvta’ je
tojwI’vam po’qu’.
leSpalwIj luQaw’
’ej Ho’Du’wIj qIppu’.
porghmeymaj DuQ
veqlargh pu’Du’
’ej  ja’choHqu’ reSwI’
regh ’e’ chaw’laHbe’

reSwI’vaD Huch yInobtaH
’o mIpwI’ ngech DabwI’
’o mIpwI’ ngech DabwI’
reSwI’vaD Huch yInobtaH
’o mIpwI’ ngech DabwI’

’ej qo’maj naw’watDaq
jagh QaS Suvchu’taH
DuSuvbogh ’ej qIpbogh
’oHmo’ reH bImorghpu’.

HuDmey HopDaq ghoS
SIqnaSwaq juH ’oS
pa’ Hoch peqchu’qu’ ghaH.
nI’be’qu’ may’.

jagh’a’lI’ jeychu’,
’oplogh ghaH Suvlu’  jup-
juppu’ law’qu’ ghajqu’ ghaH,
vaj yInuQtaHQo’ jay’
lutwIj vIja’ta’.
Subma’ vIDelqa’.
jaghpu’ma’ jeychu’ ghaH.
DaH ’Iw HIq yIqang!

English back-translation:
This story happened a long time ago,
When he met Geralt of Rivia.
We salute this bard.
Now I sing this song.

When the White Wolf fought
because the devil challenged him,
with his Elve troops.
He defeated all his enemies.

They attacked me too,
these skilled deceivers.
They destroyed my guitar
and hit my teeth.
When we were stabbed
by the devil’s horns
the Witcher yelled:
He can’t allow to bleed!

Give your money to the Witcher
Oh, inhabitants of the rich valley.
Oh, inhabitants of the rich valley.
Give your money to the Witcher
Oh, inhabitants of the rich valley.

At the end of our world
he fought the enemy’s troops
who fought you and hit you,
because of whom you protested.

He went to the remote mountains
which were the home of the Elves
He slaughtered them all.
The fight did not last very long.

He defeated your enemy.
He was attacked many times.
He’s got many friends,
so don’t bother him.
I have told my story.
I decribed our hero.
He defeated all our enemies.
Now pour the blood wine!

Lieven L. Litaer
aka the "Klingon Teacher from Germany"

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