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> Does {reStav} refer to the front (facing front of the body) side of the
> shin and forearm, or the side exterior to the joint (front of the lower
> leg, but back of the lower arm)?

I'd say the closest analogue to the shin on the arm is the back of the
forearm. Like the shin, it's "bonier" (i.e. less padded with muscle, though
not as bony as the shin), it faces more-or-less forward when you're
standing in a "neutral" position, the digits on the associated appendage
curl away from it, and when you bend the limb it's on the outside of the
angle. (Though Maltz might have other ideas.)

> Hang on... Does {jIb} primarily mean "lynch" or "execute by hanging"? I
> assume the latter since this is being mentioned in connection with {HuS},
> but "lynch" just means extrajudicial execution by a mob, not necessarily
> hanging. (Perhaps the two are equated in American culture?)

"Lynching" often has connotations that the mob is going to hang their
victim, possibly influenced from depictions of the Wild West. "String 'im
up!" and so on.
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