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Klingon Word of the Day for Monday, March 09, 2020

Klingon word: rItlh
Part of speech: noun
Definition: pigment, paint, dye, ink

(KGT 80):  What the Federation would classify as a painting - that is, a {nagh beQ} featuring an image not carved into it but painted onto it - is made by applying {rItlh} (pigment, paint, dye) derived from either an animal or plant source.

(KGT 81):  Compared to Federation Standard, Klingon terminology associated with colors is rather limited. First of all, there is no noun meaning color. There is, however, a verb, {nguv}, which means something like "be dyed, stained, tinted", though it is seldom used … The verb {ngoH}, meaning smear in other contexts, is used for paint using fingers.

PUN: Ritz is the biggest company producing dyes for home use in the U.S.

rItlh naQ  	pigment stick (n)
wuS rItlh naQ 	lipstick (n) TNK
rItlh ‘echlet  	ink pad (n)

qalmuS  	color [in general vs. black & white, not a specific color] (n) 

nguv 		be dyed, stained, tinted (v)
chum 		be colorful (v)
Dem 		be clear, transparent, uncolored (v)
ngoH 		smear, paint using fingers (v)
DIj 		use/paint with a pigment stick (v)

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