[tlhIngan Hol] Klingon Word of the Day: cheb'a'

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Wed Mar 4 11:38:32 PST 2020

> (charghwI' interviews Okrand in HQ): Unit of weight equal to 9 times a
> {cheb}
> [Does anyone have the exact HolQeD reference, i.e. which issue?]

You seem to be referring to this message:
Quote: <[Okrand] said in a co[n]versation surrounding but not in the HolQeD
interview that most units of measure had alternate forms [with] {-'a'}
added to mean "9 times", so that one 'uj'a' = 9 'ujmey.>

It says that the information was revealed in a conversation related to a
HolQeD interview, but not part of the interview itself. Furthermore, it's
not stated explicitly that this is true for {cheb}, only that it's true for
"most" units of measurement. But it seems sufficiently close to what you
stated that it must be the origin of your slightly erroneous statement.

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