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Sun Jun 28 05:12:49 PDT 2020

On 6/28/2020 7:35 AM, Will Martin wrote:
> The only thing you haven’t addressed is why there doesn’t seem to be 
> an implied {w} in the {o} sound in all the recordings of Okrand 
> pronouncing words like {Qo’noS}, or any other word that includes {o},

I did address it. I speculated that only words that actually end in *o* 
use a diphthong. That excludes words like *Qo'noS.*

> You brought up the example of {gho-} as a syllable that doesn’t follow 
> the {o} with a consonant,

No, I brought up the /word/ *gho* as an example of a word that ends in 
*o.* If it's actually about ending words with *o,* then the prefix 
*gho-* will never qualify for a diphthong, because it never ends a word.

> So, no, you didn’t explicitly say that Okrand’s verbal description 
> applied to only {gho-}. You said that maybe it only applies to 
> syllables ending in {o}, and the only example that I know of is 
> {gho-}, so that does logically follow that he’d be giving that 
> description of how {o} is pronounced in {gho-}, while not giving an 
> accurate description of the {o} sound in any other syllable in the 
> vocabulary.

I am not responsible for your inability to think of other syllables 
ending in *o.* I can assure you that I had several of those other words 
in mind too. I just picked one to make an example.


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