[tlhIngan Hol] Glue words, adjectives, "active" speech ..and the future

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> The genius I see here is Okrand’s ability to come up with affixes as
> versatile as these. As quickly as he threw the language together, there
> aren’t a lot of obvious gaps that should have been filled by affixes he
> didn’t come up with in the very first edition of the Klingon Dictionary.
> More than anything else about the language, that’s the thing I find awe
> inspiring.

Well, not all the affixes are versatile. I don't think *-beH* has been used
in canon since the example sentences in TKD. The selection of affixes works
just fine as it is, but there are tons of ways that the language could have
gone differently. There are concepts that some languages include as affixes
but Klingon doesn't, which it expresses through other means.

I think the elegance and versatility of Klingon have less to do with the
initial design itself, but more to do with the fact that Okrand has been
willing to work on it for thirty years to flesh it out. *wa' vatlhwI'
pIlpu'ghach HutmaH Hut vatlhwI' SuynIj je yugh wIgh mojpu'ghach.*
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