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From: Becky Nearing
> Does anyone have any recommendations of other things I could study that don't require a credit card?

Let me start by saying that The Klingon Dictionary by Marc Okrand is essential and you MUST make a plan to obtain it as soon as possible.  If it's not the cost, but rather the credit card, that is the issue, then I'm sure your local book store can order it for you and accept cash payment.  If cost is the issue, you should make raising the money to buy it a goal.

In the meantime, Duolingo is free.  You can run it as an app on your phone or access it using a web browser.  In fact, since the web version has grammar explanations that are not available in the app, I recommend that you access each new unit first through a web browser so that you can read the Tips and then, if you want, you can use the app to practice.

Besides kli.org, the websites at hol.kag.org and klingon.wiki also have a lot of great and free information.

There are a lot of great videos on YouTube, but I'm not going to try to list them all here.  You'll have to search for them.

Finally, you can interact with other users in the Facebook group and the Discord group and also in the ongoing video chats.  These resources can be found through the KLI web pages, but in case you missed them or didn't realize they could be helpful, I will link directly to their pages on kli.org:
http://www.kli.org/events (all times listed in US Eastern time, I believe)

 - janSIy
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