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> With regards to the placement of {neH} after the {'e'} of a sao, or before the {neH} of a sao, I meant it in the context of "exclusively".

There is no case where you would put the adverb {neH} in front of the {'e'}.  {neH} is unusual as an adverb in that it does NOT go in the normal adverb slot (at the beginning of the OVS).  {neH} always FOLLOWS what it is modifying.  It can follow verbs, in which case it would mean "merely" and it can also follow nouns, in which case it would mean "exclusively".

> The way I understand the sentence {vIghro' tIQ wIjon 'e' neH DaSaH}, is "there is an event (our capturing the ancient cat), and you care only about that event". How is this different from "You care that it is only the case that we capture the ancient cat" ?

I also see no difference between those two English sentences.  In both cases you are saying that the person exclusively cares about "us capturing the ancient cat".  Both of your English sentences are different ways of translating that one Klingon sentence.

{vIghro' tIQ wIjon 'e' DaSaH neH} would mean, "You merely care that we capture the ancient cat (I expected you have to be more excited or have more involvement, but you're kind of blowing it off).

If {neH} is before the {'e'} then it must be applying to something from the preceding clause.  If it follows {'e'}, then it would mean "that exclusively".  If it follows the verb after the {'e'} then it is saying that something more interesting might normally be expected, but not this time.

{vIghro' tIQ wIjon neH 'e' DaSaH} would mean, "You care that we merely capture the ancient cat (we thought that you would have spectacular plans for the captured cat)".

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