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On 6/27/2020 2:44 AM, Lieven L. Litaer wrote:
> (All of this is very hard to describe using written words only, and many
> people even speak differently depending on their dialect.)
> Listen to the sounds on the Klingon CD. When Okrand speaks a syllable
> like {bom} it rhymes more "bomb" than it does with "bo-u-m"

As an example of dialectical differences, no American English accent 
rhymes /bomb/ with Klingon *bom.* /Bomb/ has the same vowel as /father./

I think the solution here may be that it's not that every Klingon *o* is 
a diphthong, just the syllable-final ones. The vowel in *gho* is a 
diphthong, identical to *ghow;* but the vowel in *ghop* is not a 
diphthong, and it doesn't sound like *ghowp.* Likewise with *u:* *ghu* 
sounds like *ghuw; ghup* does not sound like *ghuwp.*

This would allow what Okrand told you to be correct, with the exception 
of the syllable-final vowels described in the dictionary, an exception 
he wasn't addressing with you.


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