[tlhIngan Hol] Because there are laws, people should choose their words carefully

mayqel qunen'oS mihkoun at gmail.com
Thu Jun 25 04:17:31 PDT 2020

> bIDogh; 'un Darur.



unfortunately you still haven't understood the gravity of the
situation, and you still obviously fail to realize what a person is
allowed to say about another person and what not. Perhaps I should
take the time to explain to you what is punishable by law to say about
someone. Perhaps I should..

But how could I expect you to ever understand ?

You see, I know what the limits are, because I'm an orthopaedic
surgeon, having treated thousands of patients so far, having worked in
the emergency departments without sleep or rest for 30 hours straight,
having come in contact with hundreds of people and their relatives in
distress, and through my interaction with them I learned how to talk,
even while others where crossing the line.

I know what the limits are, with regards to what one can or cannot
say, because I'm a specialist, having often to give my medical opinion
about other doctors' diagnoses and treatments, and I have learned how
to express my opinion respectfully, and within the boundaries of the

I've learned to talk in a way that doesn't expose me to legal trouble,
because I know that in the real world, there are consequences.

I won't go into detail as to what exactly was said in that facebook
thread, only for one reason. Because one of the people involved is not
active on this list.

And unlike the moderator who disabled comments on that thread as soon
as I started defending myself, when I talk about a person I give him
the chance to reply. I don't gag him, the way the moderator on that
thread did.

But trust me, if what you (plural) wrote in that thread, was written
in Greece by Greeks, I *would* have sued, and there *would* be

Now.. lets lay aside for a while, the real-world legal consequences of
a person's actions, and lets do some community talk.

It irritates me when someone who has almost never taught me anything,
refers to me as if he/she was ever my teacher. So lets set the record

There's only one person to whom I owe more that 90% of everything I
know; and that person is SuStel. SuStel is the one who has patiently
taught me, answering literally thousands of questions over a time span
of five years. Whatever skill I have in klingon, I owe it to SuStel.

So 90% of whatever skill I have is the result of SuStel's guidance.

The rest 10% comes from the following people: (the names are written
in random order)

nIqolay Q

It is only to SuStel and the people above, where I owe everything I
know. To the rest I owe nothing. So, the acceptance (or lack thereof)
of anyone else, to me means nothing.


ghunchu'wI'; Saghchu' qaSpu'bogh wanI'; Do'Ha' 'e' Datlhojbe'. 'op mu'
jatlh nuv; nuvvamvaD 'e' chaw' chut, 'a 'op mu' jatlh nuv; nuvvamvaD
'e' bot chut. 'a mu'mey mub Dangu'laHbe', 'ej mobbe'bogh mu'mey
Dangu'laHbe' je. chaq SoHvaD mu'meyvam vIDelnIS, 'ach chay' bIyajlaH ?

Somraw' Hom je Qel jIHmo', SaD law' SID vInuDpu'mo' 'ej vIvorpu'mo',
qaStaHvIS wejmaH rep jIQongpu'be' 'a jIvumpu'mo', ('ej jIDoy'qu'taHvIS
SIDpu' vInuDnISpu'mo'), nuvpu' SotvaD tuqnIghpu'chajvaD je
jIjatlhnISpu'mo', ja'chuqmeH Ho'DoS mub vIghojmoHpu'.

Qel po' jIHmo', 'ej latlh Qelpu' tu'meH 'ej vormeH wIvmey
vIchovnISmo', ('ej Qu'vam vIturtaHvIS, latlhpu' vIvuvnIStaHmo'),
ja'chuqmeH Ho'DoS mub vIghojmoHpu'.

meqmeyvammo', chut vIbIvbe'meH jIqeqpu'. tera'vamDaq gher'IDmey tu'lu'mo'.

wa' meqmo' neH qabpaq wani'mey vIDelbe'; wa' meqmo': pa' vangpu' 'op,
'ach naDev jeSbe' wa'. 'ej vay'vaD jIjatlhtaHvIS, Hub'egh vay'vam,
ghaHvaD 'e' vIchaw'. 'ej meqvvammo' mapImchu'. qaStaHvIS qabpaq
wani'mey. jIHub'eghchoHtaHvIS, jIjatlh jIHvaD net bot.

'ach HIvoq; 'elaDya'Daq jiHvaD qabpaq mu'mey jatlhpu'chugh
'elaDya'nganpu', vaj nuvpu'vamvaD bo'DIj vIjaHmoHbej. 'ej qaS*bej*

'ach DaH tera'vam DI'ruj gher'IDmey bopbe'choHjaj mu'meymaj. tlhIngan
Hol nugh lubopchoHjaj.

not jIHvaD vay' mughojmoHta' nuv, 'ach ghojmoHwI' Deq DaDa.
muberghqu'moH wanI'vam, vaj DaH vIt vIjatlhchu'.

jIHvaD, HutmaH vatlhvI' tlhIngan SovwIj nobta' SuStel, qaStaHvIS vagh
DIS vorgh mughojmoHtaHvIS. jIHvaD wa' SaDlogh jangpu', 'ej ghIq
jangqa', 'ej ghiq jangqa', 'ej ghIq jangqa'.. SuStelmo' qaSpu'
tlhIngan laHwIj HochHom.

'ej wa' maH vatlhvI' tlhIngan SovwIj'e'.. jIHvaD Sovvam lunobta' nuvpu' veb:

nIqolay Q

vaj, SuStelvaD nuvpu'vamvaD je neH tlho' vISIQnIS.

mulaj latlhpu' 'e' vISaHbe'chu'.

~ Qa'yIn

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