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Fri Jun 26 14:00:26 PDT 2020

According to the Klingon Wiki,

    TKD describes the letter*o*as in "go or mosaic". This is confusing,
    because English speakers would do that with a diphthong, rhyming
    "go" with "glow" and saying "mosaic" like "mow-saic". This is not
    what Okrand intended. He just wanted to make clear that it's not o
    like in "cop" or "pot". The sound still is a clear "o" without a
    following u sound. The word*qepHom
    <http://klingon.wiki/bin/view/En/QepHom>*should NOT rhyme with "home".

ORLY? Where does this revelation come from? TKD says that *o* sounds 
exactly the same as *ow* — meaning it's a diphthong that sounds exactly 
the same as American English /go./


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