[tlhIngan Hol] Because there are laws, people should choose their words carefully

mayqel qunen'oS mihkoun at gmail.com
Wed Jun 24 05:49:18 PDT 2020


Some people don't seem to understand one important fact.

In western civilized countries there are laws, laws which protect
someone from people wrongfully accusing him/her of things he/she's
not. There are laws in place which protect an individual's dignity and

And while there is no law which punishes rudeness, there *are* laws
which punish severely someone who writes in public that a person is..
or that the person in question writes sentences which are..

And when the victim of such behavior sues, then the one sued usually
ends up paying for a very long time.

This must be kept in mind by people thinking that they have the right
to harass and publicly accuse others.


wa' ngoD potlhqu' luyajbe'law' 'op nuv.

tIng 'ev SepmeyDaq chutmey tu'lu'; nuv chun pumbe'lu'meH 'ej nuvvam
QanmeH qum, chutmeyvam tu'lu'.

Dochbejghach bIj chut pagh; 'a tlhopDaq nuv pumchugh vay', 'ej
nuvvamvaD jatlhchugh: ... SoH, pagh ... bIH mu'tlheghlIj'e', vaj
pummeH mu'meyvam toblaHbe'chugh pumwI', vaj pumwI'vam bIjqu' qum.

'ej pumwI'DajvaD bo'DIj jaHmoHDI' nuv'e' pumpu'bogh pumwI', tagha'
qaStaHvIS poH nI'qu', DIlnIS pumwI'.

tlhopDaq latlhpu' 'IrghlaHtaH 'op; 'e' Har 'opvam. DIbvam lughaj 'e'
luHar. 'a chaHvaD DIbvam nob pagh. vItvam 'ut luqawnIStaH.

~ Qa'yIn

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