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On 7/28/2020 11:01 AM, janSIy . wrote:
> I don't think I would have described anthracite coal as glossy, but 
> OK. What if I say it like, "having a smooth and shiny coating or 
> looking like it has a smooth and shiny coating"?
I don't think the perception of a coating really has anything to do with 
it. One can have glossy lipstick, and when it's put on the lips one can 
say the lips are glossy because they're coated with the lipstick, but 
the lipstick is glossy whether it's on the lips or not.

Glossy silk isn't coating anything. Even if you wear it as a literal 
coat, nobody would say you look glossy in that coat; they would say your 
coat is glossy.

There are some plastics that are glossy all the way through, not just on 
the outside. When you cut into them, the new surfaces are also glossy.

It's just that gloss is measured from the reflected light of a surface. 
Coating or the perception of coating isn't what's relevant; reflectivity 
and smoothness matter.


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