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The indefinite subject has no number. It is indefinite. The sentence 'Impey' qach lumutlhlu'pu' does not point to anyone who built the pyramids; it specifically avoids doing so.
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 The suffix {-lu'} is defined as "someone or something unspecified".  
In english the words "someone" and "something" are singular. Or at least I think they are..
So, does this mean that whenever we use the {-lu'} it actually means that the unspecified subject is singular too ?
'Impey' qach lumutlhlu'pu'
Does this mean "someone (singular) constructed the pyramids" e.g. a pharaoh ?
Or can it mean too "someone(s) (plural) constructed the pyramids" e.g. the egyptians ?
~ Qa'yIn

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