[tlhIngan Hol] prefix trick with {-'eghmoH} and {-chuqmoH}

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Your confusion here is being caused by what seems to be a special property of {-moH} that when there is no object of the verb root, the subject of the verb root can be treated as the object of {-moH}. The examples in The Klingon Dictionary all follow this exact pattern. This would make it appear that the canon example and your first two suggestions are not actually using the prefix trick, but rather this particular property of {-moH}.

Now I suppose you could argue that this property of {-moH} does not exist and they are all examples of the prefix trick being used with {-moH} but the problem is that not all of them follow the "first/second person object" part of the prefix trick and so that doesn't seem to apply.

In any case, I continue to object to your last two suggestions. I don't support the use of the Type 1 suffixes to refer to the indirect object at this time.

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The verb muv means "to join".

There's the Ca'Non sentence:

Qo'noS tuqmey muvchuqmoH qeylIS
kahless united the tribes of kronos

Which actually means "kahless caused the tribes of kronos to join each other".

And now let's come to the prefix trick.

I cause you to give yourself something (which isn't specified)

I cause you to give each other something (which isn't specified)

taj qanob'eghmoH
I cause you to give yourself a knife

taj SanobchuqmoH
I cause you to give each other a knife

In the above last two examples, seemingly/apparently the prefix trick rule isn't violated.

So, seemingly/apparently we *can* use the prefix trick with {-'eghmoH} and {-chuqmoH}.

Right ?

~ Qa'yIn
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