[tlhIngan Hol] can lo'laH take -laH ?

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> And when has it been proven that you can't use *-laH* on an adjectivally
> acting verb? I don't think you can, but I don't think it's ever been proven
> to be so.

Surely, this is forbidden by this sentence in TKD 4.4: "If a Type 5 noun
suffix is used (section 3.3.5), it follows the verb, which, when used to
modify the noun in this way, can have no other suffix except the rover
{-qu'} /emphatic/. The Type 5 noun suffix follows {-qu'}."

We now know that the exception to the rule should really have been
something like "except any rover other than {Qo'}", because we've seen
{-be'} ({wa'maH yIHmey lI'be'} from PK) and {-Ha'} ({Duj ngaDHa'} from KGT)
used on a verb acting as an adjective following a noun, but we have no
reason to believe that the rule as stated is wrong about non-rover suffixes.

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