[tlhIngan Hol] jar DamaSqu'bogh yIngu' vs nuq 'oH jar'e' DamaSqu'bogh

Lieven Litaer levinius at gmx.de
Wed Jul 15 00:20:02 PDT 2020

Von: "mayqel qunen'oS" <mihkoun at gmail.com>
> In the klingonska article, 'oqranD says:

A short note on naming sources: You have "found" the article at Klingonska, but its origin is the Usenet newsgroup, to be even more precise, the Microsoft Network expert forum. Most people call them "newsgroup message".

As a side note, they are all also archived at the Klingon Language Wiki, with some more formatting for readability and including links to related topics:


The message you quoted is here:

> If I wrote {nuq 'oH jar'e' DamaSqu'bogh}, then couldn't we have again
> the same problem ? Couldn't this sentence be understood as "asking for
> the definition of the month which you prefer", instead of asking the
> listener to name the month which he prefers ?

I think the problem exists in English and other languages too. It's not a question of grammar, but a question of interpretation. Imagine a person who does not speak english very well, asking "What is your favorite month?" -- then the answer can be "My favorite month is the month which I like the most".


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