[tlhIngan Hol] is De' "data, information" countable ?

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> Although, since we have the Ca'Non example of:
> {chIch vay' 'oy'moHmeH 'oy'naQ 'ul law' tlhuD 'oH}
> Painstiks ... emit a highly ­charged shock for the express purpose of
> inflicting pain. S32

This sentence also provides another example of later canon changing earlier
canon. When we got the new word *rIS*, MO made this clarification:

LLL: How is this different to tlhuD "emit radiation"?
> MO: {rIS} originally referred to emitting sound only. Later the meaning
> was extended to mean emitting any sort of signal – sound, radiation,
> smell, etc. {tlhuD} refers to radiation only.

In the example sentence, *tlhuD* is used with electricity. (Although
perhaps a jolt of electricity is close enough to radiation -- that is, a
discharge of energetic particles -- that it still counts.)
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