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There they located her, at the outskirts of armenelos, elves sent by
the valar. And as soon as they surrounded her, they said:

"The word of your transgressions at the temple, has traversed the
western sea all the way to valinor, up to the throne of manwe himself;
there you're summoned. There you'll account for your actions, before
the guardians of arda".

Hearing these words, she didn't care to look at them; still, lowering
her hood she looked to the sky, and while the sclera of her eyes
turned to black, she said:


never again has arda been walked by a spirit more violent, more aggressive,
never again has arda been walked by a spirit more evil, more hateful,
never again has arda been walked by a spirit more in love with vice
for the sake of vice itself,

than the one who deliberately channels Your strength".

"Even now.." -said the elves- "even now when the hour of your final
judgement has drawn near, you insist on defiling middle earth with
these foul words".

It was then when she turned her gaze upon them, beginning to clench
her fist and saying - more of a whisper to herself, than a reply to
the elves -

"and the flesh will always display the traits of the spirit".

It was then when some of the elves drew their bows against her.
It was then when the rest of them closed in, in order to seize her.

And it was a short time later, when she walked away, her boots
trampling on the elves' dismembered broken bodies.


pa' be' luSamta'; armenelos veHmey HopDaq be' luSamta' *elves*'e'
ngeHpu'bogh valar. 'ej luDechpu'DI', ghaHvaD jatlhpu' elves:

tIng 'ev bIQ'a' luchIqpu' chIrgh wemlIj, valinor lupawpu', vabDot
manwe quS'a' lupawpu'. pa' DarItlu'; pa', SaHtaHvIS arda 'avwI'pu'na',

elves legh be' ngugh 'e' SaHbe'.. 'ach nachDaj velmeH Sut
teqchoHtaHvIS, chal leghchoHpu', 'ej qIjchoHtaHvIS mInDu'Daj 'ay'
chIS, jatlhpu':

... vavwI',
chIch HoSlIj 'och moj vay'; pa'logh not *arda*Daq yItqa'pu' vay'vam rurbogh qa'.

not qa' ral law' vay'vam ral puS
not qa' vID law' vay'vam vID puS
not qa' mIgh law' vay'vam mIgh puS
not qa' naS law' vay'vam naS puS

pa'logh, chut'a' pabHa'qangpu' 'op; 'a chut'a' pabHa'chu'meH vay',
chut'a' pabHa'qangchu'pu' wa''e' neH. ta'vam Qejchu'pu' wa''e' neH.
'ej HoSlIj 'och mojbogh nuv ghaH nuvvam'e' ...

... vabDot qaStaHvIS poHvam - jatlhpu' elves - vabDot lIbtaHvIS
yojna'lIj, botlh tera' luwatlhmoH mu'lIj nItHa' 'e' Daqap ...

ngugh elves leghmeH, nachDaj tlhe'pu' be', 'ej ro' mojchoHtaHvIS
ghopDaj, tlhuppu'; *elves*vaD jang 'e' SaHbe'law'. ghaHvaD neH

... 'ej reH qa' DI'onmey chIw Hom Somraw je ...

ngugh be' luHIvmeH 'op elves, naQjejHom nuHmeychaj tlhegh ghuSpu'.
ngugh be' luqopmeH latlh elves, lucholchoHpu'.

'ach qaSpu'DI' poH ngajqu', mejchoHpu' be', pagh ghIv elf porghmey
ghorta'bogh be' gho'taHvIS DaSmeyDaj.

~ Qa'yIn

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