[tlhIngan Hol] weird rIntaH uses

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Fri Jul 17 05:16:28 PDT 2020

Usually, one sees rIntaH used with regards to actions which actually

SuHIv rIntaH
maHeD rIntaH
numagh rIntaH

On the other hand though, there's no rule which prohibits writing:

nuHIvbe' rIntaH
nuHIvlaw' rIntaH

For reasons I can't understand, there's something weird in "they've not
attacked us and it cannot be undone". It feels like "they set out *not* to
attack us, they didn't attack us, and it cannot be undone". Usually you set
out to do something, instead of setting out not to do something.

And it's even weirder to hear "seemingly/apparently they attacked us and it
cannot be undone".

I mean, how can you say that the attack cannot be undone, if you can't be
sure it happened in the first place ?

Unless you're certain the attack happened (which is the thing which can't
be undone), and the "seemingly/apparently" has to do with whether it was
"they" who did the attack or someone else.

Go figure.

Let alone the fact that we *can* write:

nuQaHneS rIntaH

Where we have the type-7 {-taH} being preceded by the type-8 {-neS}. Of
course, they're on different words, but neverthless the "feel" I always got
from the {rIntaH} was that it is a member of the type-7 verb suffix family.

~ Qa'yIn
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