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Wed Jan 29 06:23:35 PST 2020

On 1/29/2020 9:00 AM, Will Martin wrote:
> The thing that Maltz seemed to be revealing is that instead of, as in 
> English, saying “I am reading to you from a book,” or “I am reading a 
> book to you,” which implies, but does not explicitly state that I am 
> making sounds from my mouth while reading in order to share the 
> contents of the book with you, a Klingon makes the more obvious and 
> clear statement that I am speaking the book’s words. It’s another 
> example of Okrand’s inventive capacity to see an activity from an 
> alien perspective, instead of just using the same phrasing we’d use in 
> English.
> It makes sense in English. We just never say it that way. It would 
> sound alien to say it that way.
> Wow. Klingons are aliens. No wonder they say it that way.

I don't see this as any kind of consequence of Klingons being alien. I 
see this as a consequence for there being no adverbial /aloud/ in 
Klingon. (What Okrand replied to was the phrase /read aloud,/ which DOES 
explicitly state that you are making sounds from your mouth while 
reading, but DOESN'T say anything about sharing the content of those 
words with someone else, and neither does his Klingon rendition.)

What does /read aloud/ mean? It means to speak written words. It's not 
particularly alien that a Klingon way of saying this is /say book 
words./ This isn't any more obvious or clear than the English /read 
aloud./ This is just a different language using a different set of words 
to refer to the same concept. Every language does this, not just those 
of extraterrestrials.


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