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> "Mars and Jupiter have two names, as do other planets in our solar system.
> There's the "scientific" name and the nickname that the Klingons learned
> after encountering and engaging with Terrans. In talking with Terrans, or
> in Terran-y contexts, the nicknames are more common.
> With the nickname first:
> "Mars" - {marIS}  {Sol loS}

Interesting! Most syllables with a CVCC pattern are transliterated as
{Do'rIn} "(Michael) Dorn"
{wo'rIv} "Worf"
{wa'lIS} "(Gwynyth) Walsh"
{(ro)be'rIt} "(Ro)bert (O'Reilly)"
Presumably, the glottal stop is there to move the stress to the previous
syllable, so that the {I} sound separating the consonant cluster will be
minimized. In this case, there's no glottal stop, so the stress would be
expected to be on the "consonant cluster" syllable.

> {notron} is "curtain, drape," but it can also be used for things like a
> door or gate that opens and closes vertically, like a portcullis.

{loScha'}: A main character in Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot novel
"Curtain" is named Stephen Norton. (Apparently, Hodgkin's Law of Parallel
Planetary Development has been reading a lot of Agatha Christie lately: see
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