[tlhIngan Hol] can I say {jaghpu' chaH chaH'e'} ?

mayqel qunen'oS mihkoun at gmail.com
Thu Jan 23 01:21:08 PST 2020

> SoH 'Iv, 'ej nuqDaq 'oHtaH charghwI' ngebHa''e'?


I've wondered that too..

Unfortunately though, I know what happened..

Because the real charghwI' continuously impersonates klingons, the
romulans abducted him in order to question him, for the purpose of
learning secrets of the empire.

So, they replaced him with a clone..

I can only imagine the agony, that the real charghwI' is going through
on the romulan warbird, as we speak.

And I can only hope, that once the questioning is over, he will be
returned safely to us.

This unfortunate event, proves a point I've been constantly making
through the years.

Impersonating klingons can only end badly..


jaSHa' jISIvpu' je..

Do'Ha', qaSpu'bogh wanI' vISov..

tlhIngan lIltaHmo' charghwI', wo' peghmey SovmeH romuluSnganpu',
charghwI' lunge'ta', luyu' luneHmo'.

'ej charghwI'na' luqa'meH, naDev charghwI' velqa' lulanta'..

qaStaHvIS poHvam, romuluS veS DujDaq, bep'e' SIQbogh charghwI' vIjal vIneHbe'..

rInDI' yu'taHghachvam, maHvaD charghwI' lucheghmoH romuluSnganpu' 'e' vIjInqu'.

qaStaHvIS Hoch DISmey vorgh, vay' vIjatlhtaH, 'ej vay'vam tobchu'
qaSpu'bogh wanI'vam Do'Ha'.

tlhInganpu' lIlchugh nuv, vaj San qabqu' neH SIQlaH nuvvam..

~ mayqel qunen'oS

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