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IIRC "Klingon Compendium" referred to the entire Klingon section of startrek.com's elaborate "Star Trek: Continuum" website.  It consisted of two parts:  (1) "Klingon Linguistic Studies" (i.e. tlhIngan Hol vocabulary with definitions [unfortunately NOT supplied by Okrand], simplistic examples of each word of the {bIbep} "you complain", {jIbup} "I quit" variety), and audio recordings of Okrand pronouncing each example;  and (2) the "Klingon Culture" database (i.e. descriptions and images of Klingon-related things seen in the shows and movies, e.g. gagh, d'ktagh, bat'leth, etc.).  "Klingon Databanks" sounds like another name for the latter.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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While doing some research, I have a nitpicking question on the MSN Star
Trek: Continuum that was online roughly from 1999 until 2003.

Some may remember that there was a subsection that included Klingon words (with nothing really relevant or new to us) and another section with information about Klingon things.

I now noticed there are two different titles, and I wonder which was part of what:

"Star Trek: Continuum" clearly is the main thing, but then:

Klingon Linguistic Studies
Klingon Compendium
Klingon Databanks

Basically I wonder which of these is part of the other? Or which name is the official title? I have two pages at the wiki which need to merged into one, or at least correctly describe the situation correctly:


Lieven L. Litaer

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