[tlhIngan Hol] meaning of an {x-mo' verb-be'} sentence

Will Martin willmartin2 at mac.com
Sun Jan 12 05:19:18 PST 2020

Clearly, *I* am not being understood, since accusers such as yourself consistently presume my motives with wild inaccuracy. 

The intriguing part is that I’m being accused of... wait for it... presuming your motives with wild inaccuracy. 

I can only assume from this that we participate in a list dedicated to the mission of better use of a language, and we all seem to be quite possibly bad, in general, at communicating clearly, perhaps in ANY of the languages we share. 

It reminds me of an intentional community I once belonged to that was composed mostly of people who chose to join because they were so remarkably bad at participating in the communities they came from. They despised all forms of rules, so they got together to make up a bunch of rules, which they despised...

I left there to join a normal neighborhood and was pleasantly surprised that I got along with my new neighbors much better than I had with a community that was philosophically boastful about all their systems they had devised to help them get along well together, which they didn’t seem to notice that they didn’t do very well. 

I thought that I must have been the problem, until I spent a couple decades getting along quite well with the newer neighborhood. Visiting the old community, I saw that they were very much still at it, as far from peaceful cohabitation as ever. 

I presume nothing about what you intended to poorly communicate. I’ve lost interest in the thread entirely, having lost the faith that anything I write will be read without the veins protruding from your throat as soon as you see it’s from me regardless of content. Your attitude about the source (me) makes further meaningful communication unlikely to be effective. 

Be at peace. I no longer care what you think on this topic. I will leave you to presume or express whatever you like however you like. 

And no, I’m not rage-leaving he list. I’m quite calm, somewhat amused, and very much still here. 

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> On Jan 12, 2020, at 7:06 AM, mayqel qunen'oS <mihkoun at gmail.com> wrote:
> charghwI':
>> If he’s saying that he dodged a bullet, then perhaps his focus
>> on being concise has trumped his interest in being understood.
> fse:
> You have the *really* nasty habit, of constantly judging other
> people's motives, with regards to how they're willing to use the
> language.
> You're not some kind of klingon police, being in position to accuse,
> who wants to be understood and who doesn't.
> So, it would preferable, to refrain from accusing people that they're
> not willing or interested to be understood.
> tlh:
> tlhIngan Hol lo'taHvIS vay', meqmeyDaj tlhIn ghajbej nuvvam, 'ej
> meqmeyvam DaSovchu' 'e' DaHarba'. vaj, reH nuvvam DaqIchqangmo',
> quvyaH qabqu' Daghaj.
> tlhIngan ghan'Iq Sar SoHbe', vaj pagh DapumlaH, 'ej paghvaD
> bIjatlhlaH: nIyaj latlhpu' DaneHbe'.
> luyajlu'; 'e' luneHbe' 'op nuvpu'. luyajlu'; ngoQvam luSaHbe' 'op
> nuvpu'. latlhpu' DaqIchmeH mu'meyvam DajatlhtaH. 'ach not mu'meyvam
> Dajatlhqa'chugh, vaj qaqqu'.
> ~ mayqel qunen'oS
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