[tlhIngan Hol] meaning of an {x-mo' verb-be'} sentence

SuStel sustel at trimboli.name
Sat Jan 11 05:28:24 PST 2020

On 1/11/2020 8:06 AM, Will Martin wrote:
> The point everyone who makes this argument overreacts to is that I never say, “YOU can’t say that.”

I reacted to you saying "culturally important to omit in Klingon." This 
is the bullcrap. You haven't got a scrap of evidence that what mayqel 
wanted to say was "culturally important to omit in Klingon." You also 
ignored the well-known fact that mayqel disdains pretending to be a Klingon.

>   I make it clear that the grammar allows it. I just say that a Klingon probably wouldn’t say that for cultural reasons, and SuStel consistently jumps down my throat for saying a thing he personally forbids on this list.

Your spin is worthy of a Republican.

> I never suggest that it is more than an opinion. The passion of the objection suggests that I’m trying to take over this list and rip the language out of Okrand’s fingers, claiming it as mine to shape and modify to my whims.

You're the one who posts pages-long screeds without being asked and with 
very tenuous connections to anything anybody is saying. You're the one 
who regularly rage-quits the list. The passion is yours, sir.

Unless you've got some kind of direct evidence as to what a Klingon 
would do, it is not a valid criticism of the things someone wants to 
say. And even if you do, such criticisms are not appropriate answers to 
someone who is not representing their words as a Klingon's words.

You wanna pretend to be a Klingon and declare how un-Klingon something 
someone else says is? Have fun. You wanna tell them how they should 
speak according to your uninformed estimation of what a Klingon would or 
would not say? Invalid argument. And in this case your argument wasn't 
even a plausible one.

Anyway, I'm not stopping you from saying it. I'm just going to point out 
that it's wrong whenever it is.


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