[tlhIngan Hol] meaning of an {x-mo' verb-be'} sentence

mayqel qunen'oS mihkoun at gmail.com
Sat Jan 11 03:03:08 PST 2020

I believe, this whole matter has to do, with each person's motives..

If someone's into roleplaying/cosplaying, then yes, what a klingon would or
wouldn't say, is important (for him only).

But there are those of us, who don't learn klingon for the purposes of

I was always irritated, and still am, when I read the argument "a klingon
wouldn't say that", because when I ask, I ask about grammar, and not with
regards to what a klingon would and would not say.

If for example I wanted to say: "I'm afraid to face whatever", I didn't
know how, and asked for help, then the last thing I'd want to hear is
"klingons wouldn't say that", because I simply do not care..

Let alone the fact, that if there were real klingons, they wouldn't be
using a language crawling with terran puns.

Anyways, don't get me wrong; I respect 100% each person's choices, and if
there's something noone here can accuse the other of, is that he loves
klingon less.

We're all good klingon patriots here..

And it would be boring if we all had the same approach to the language.

But I just think, that the argument "a klingon wouldn't say that", has no
place in a discussion concerning grammar, unless of course someone insists
on intentionally breaking the rules of holy Ca'Non, or translates idioms
from a terran language in klingon.

To me it's like someone telling me: "whenever you use english, talk/behave
like an englishman".

~ mayqel qunen'oS
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