[tlhIngan Hol] Half a year till the qep'a' cha'maH SochDIch

Jesse Manoogian boyfromtheabyss at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 23 23:24:54 PST 2020

We're now half a year away from 2020's qep'a' -- halfway between the last one and the next one. I see seven people (both loDpu' and be'pu') have registered already.

We have 203 words listed in the chabal tetlh, 139 of which have a non-negative score, 134 of which have a score of at least 1, 122 of which have a score of at least 4, 104 of which have a score of at least 10, and 57 of which have a score of at least 20. However, a few of these are words like "England" and "fossil" that have already been coined before the 2020 qep'a'. We have lots of great word nominations this year -- furniture, blink, protein, lens, zinc, oval, blackmail, qubit, and more. Even the inherently funny word "spleen" looks like it's going to make it.

burnI' SanDas recently saud he made lots of lonely votes, but is "lonely no more". I've been a lonely lapwI' in my own way. I was the only person voting +1 on "tear", and more recently have been one of the few people voting +1 on "extinguish" and "marijuana".

Maybe at the 2020 qep'a' we can have ghaw' or pIpyuS pach instead of pItSa' chab! Any takers?
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