[tlhIngan Hol] 'op jajmey..

mayqel qunen'oS mihkoun at gmail.com
Wed Feb 19 05:19:06 PST 2020


charghwI', I've read carefully your comments, as I always do, but for
the reasons I already mentioned I have to disagree.

I know that you and SuStel try in good will to explain this matter,
and I thank you for that, but it's something we obviously disagree on.
And it's ok, since we can't always agree on everything, right ?

However, there's another angle to this matter, which some people (and
by some people I don't mean you and SuStel) have to bear in mind.
Speaking for myself, there are times when I write in second person
singular, because I feel it to be better, for the meaning I want to
convey. There are times I may use the first person plural for the same
reason, or there are times when I'll use the first person plural to
practice a different set of prefixes.

I'd appreciate, if someone can't understand who a message concerns to
simply ask, before choosing to reply in an insulting, judgemental, and
derrogatory manner, as has happened earlier in this thread.

And for the last time I will remind for anyone needing it, that there
is a beautiful button named "delete". One can press it, and set his
mind at ease..

Noone forces anyone, to read anything..


charghwI', ngoDmey DaDelta'bogh vIlaDpu', 'ej vIlaDtaHvIS jIyeppu'.
'ach, 'op meqmeymo' - meqmey vIDelta'bogh.. - jIQochnIS.

tuQaHmeH SoH SuStel je, jIHvaD SuQIj 'e' bonID. 'e' vItlhoj, 'ej
Satlho', 'ach maQochba', 'ej qay'be'.. reH maQochbe'; qItbe', qar'a' ?

'a Sojvam'e', latlh vay' luqelnIS 'op nuvpu' ('ej {'op nuvpu'}
jIjatlhtaHvIS, SoH SuStel je vIDelbe'..). jIH mubop mu'mey veb: vay'
vIDelmeH jIghItlhtaHvIS, rut {bI-} moHaq vIlo', qaq wIvvam 'e'
vIHarmo'. chaq, rut ngoQvam rapmo' {ma-} moHaq vIlo', 'ej chaq latlh
moHaqmey vIqeqmeH, {ma-} moHaq vIlo'.

nuv(pu')'e' bopbogh wa' QInwIj Sovbe'chugh vay', 'ej ngoQwIj
tlhojlaHbe'chugh, vaj jangchoHpa' nuvvam, mutIchchoHpa', munuSchoHpa',
'ej mumawchoHpa', mughelchugh vaj qaq.

'ej tagha', ngoD veb qawnISchugh vay', vaj wa'logh vay'vamvaD ngoDvam
vIqawqa'moH, 'ach ghaytan ghIq ngoDvam vIqawqa'moHbe'.

leQ 'IH tu'lu'.. leQvamvaD {QIn yIQaw'chu'} ponglu'. leQvam 'uyDI'
nuv, vaj SIbI' ngab Hoch ghu'meyDaj qay'..

vay' laD nuv; nuvvam raD pagh..

~ mayqel qunen'oS

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