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Klingon Word of the Day for Monday, February 03, 2020

Klingon word: tlhaghnay
Part of speech: noun
Definition: Throgni
Source: qep'a' 26 [2019]

Night-blooming Throgni is a fragrant Klingon flower. 

(ST Enc p.219):  Worf found the smell of a Quazulu VIII virus similar to the Throgni.  [TNG "Angel One"])

(SOURCE?):  In one of the early TNG episodes … Wesley Crusher and a friend had been skiing on the holodeck. When they left they were still covered in snow and passed Worf, who remarked that they smelled of 'night-blooming throgni'. I imagine this Klingon flower has a pungent, distinctive odor. A Terran analog might be Selenicereus ['Queen of the Night' or 'Dutchman's pipe', it blooms only once a year for one night.

'InSong  	flower (n)

Known Klingon flowers include the {chal}, {tlheng'IQ) *thranx*, and {tlhaghnay} *Throgni".

Suntay' 		pollen (n)
raS'IS 		seed (n)
ghub 		bud (n)
SanmIr 		spore (n)
‘uma 		petal (n)
por 		leaf (n)

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