[tlhIngan Hol] why we shouldn't do transcriptions

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Thu Feb 27 11:29:35 PST 2020

> using the name “Peter” would have been > biased towards readers who speak
> languages where the name Πέτρος has
> been adapted to “Peter”.

The readers of klingon are by definition "biased" toward the use of latin
alphabet, since noone can learn klingon, unless he *can* use the latin

99,9% of people who learn klingon, know english. And 99,9% of people who
know english, would immediately recognize and understand the name "peter".

On the other hand, how many would immediately understand the
transliteration of that name ?

There is a *major* contradiction here..

On one hand someone learning klingon is being taught, that his sentences
must be clear and easily understood..

On the other hand there is the opinion, that "ok, lets transliterate 100
names, and whoever gets it gets it..".

Transliterate for me the word "saducees", and then tell me that there's a
way for *anyone* reading the transliteration to understand.

And I will repeat what I asked earlier in this thread, but *noone* replied:

If one reads the word "saducees" and doesn't understand he can look it up.
But where can he look up its' transliteration ?

~ hchvchvn
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