[tlhIngan Hol] Apposition on wI'-nouns

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I don't think this looks like a case of apposition; noun-noun compounds cover a wide range of relations, and this seems to be in keeping with that.

A {DIr QanwI' taS} is a type of solution. What kind of solution? The skin protector type.
A {wab labwI' jan} is a type of device. What kind of device? The sound-transmitter type.

It isn't clear why some expressions use pure noun-noun compounds and others use purpose verbs.
It could be purely by chance, or perhaps due to the fact that the first part of the compound already existed as a commonly known expression before the creation of the specific kind.
It could be that certain terms have the -meH in there because at one point in time it was unclear what the relationship between the two things was.


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I have recently noticed that we have a handful of words like {DIr QanwI'
taS}. When I wondered if this shouldn't be {DIr QanneH taS} I noticed
that this word {taS} is added as an apposition (is that the right word?)
making clear that this is for instance not some other kind of {DIr
QanwI'}. This theory is also confirmed in the word {wab labwI' jan}
where {jan} is added to clarify that this is not a "radio station" as
the institution, but it's a device - a wab labwI' device.

Now, when I tried to search for similar words, I noticed that not all of
the verb-wI'+noun combinations are appositions. For instance, {bIQ
ghaywI' pa'} is the "room of the shower"; It does not mean that there
are different kinds of {bIQ ghaywI'}

Do I see this correctly? What are your lingustic comments on this?

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