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> On 2/7/2020 8:23 AM, mayqel qunen'oS wrote:
> > If we can use asteriscs, in order to emphasize a whole word in a
> > klingon passage, then perhaps it would be possible, to use asteriscs
> > to emphasize a particular prefix/suffix.
> Using asterisks to emphasize is just a representation of vocally
> stressing syllables. Do it if you want; it's not any part of Klingon
> grammar.

That said, there is some official commentary from Okrand regarding syllable

For the possessive suffixes, however, this doesn't work. {jaghna'lI'} means
> "definitely your enemy (and not your friend, etc.)." It doesn't
> specifically mean "definitely your enemy (and not mine)."
> He said if you want to emphasize the possessor, just give it extra stress
> when saying the word: {Duj*lIj*} (or Duj*lIj* or Duj*lIj* or Duj*lIj* or
> DujLIJ or however you want to transcribe it -- I'm not sure whether italics
> and bold and all of that will show up for you).

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