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Tue Feb 4 00:17:49 PST 2020

On Tue, 4 Feb 2020 at 08:16, Lieven L. Litaer <levinius at gmx.de> wrote:

> Starting page:
> http://www.klingonwiki.net/Word/WebHome
> All pages:
> http://www.klingonwiki.net/Word/WebTopicList
> Help:
> http://www.klingonwiki.net/Word/HELP (example page)
> http://www.klingonwiki.net/bin/view/Word/HELP_Guidelines

I want to emphasise to anyone who might be intimidated to start working on
a seemingly big project that contributing to a wiki is very easy. All you
need to know how to do is use a text editor, and learn a few notational
things like how to bold text or link to other pages.

The funny thing about the Klingon community is that there are, in fact, a
lot of really talented people who are passionate about contributing, but
many of them also have their own projects. Besides Lieven who has the wiki
and the qepHom, qurgh has KAG and the KLI web site, DeSDu' and Hugh have
'eSrIv, ghunchu'wI' has the KLI word list, a couple of people are working
on Duolingo, Qov is writing a novel when not translating Klingon dialogue
for Star Trek Discovery, and who/what else did I miss (also sorry if I've
misattributed anything, it's hard to keep track)? Oh, right, I have
{boQwI'}, which means I don't have much time to contribute to other Klingon

Every once in a while a beginner asks me how they can contribute to
{boQwI'}, and then they get intimidated because either they have to do some
Android programming or make pull requests against an xml file on github. My
advice is if you're a beginner and you want to work on a Klingon-language
project, join the wiki. It requires a minimum amount of background, and you
can learn a lot because you'll be working with information directly related
to the Klingon language right away.

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