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[Here's one I missed from two weeks ago!]

Klingon Word of the Day for Sunday, January 26, 2020

Klingon word: teS
Part of speech: noun
Definition: ear (hearing organ, inside head)

(KGT 88):  {qogh} (ear - the external part, if there is one; the actual organ of hearing, the {teS}, is usually considered too small to bother with)

(HQ 2.4):  Actually, there are two words for ear: {qogh} refers to the flap of skin or cartilage or whatever it is that sticks out on either side of the head... {qogh} "ear", of course is homophonous with {qogh}, "belt". When used in context, there is seldom confusion; less so when the plural is used ({qoghDu'} can only be "ears" while {qoghmey} generally means "belts").
(HQ 12.4:9):  Ears (at least healthy ones) produce no byproducts other than earwax ({Serrum}), which is said to somehow just {vI'} "accumulate" in the ear.

In re Vulcan ears {qoghDu'}:

QUARK:    I assure you, I had no idea that Sakonna was planning to kidnap Gul Dukat. 
ODO:        Really? Then perhaps you could explain why the two of you were spending
                   so much time together. 
QUARK:    Surely it's no crime keeping company with a beautiful female. You ought to
                   try it, Odo. It might improve your disposition. 
ODO:        Do you expect us to believe that a Vulcan would be interested in you for
                   your lobes? 
QUARK:    Vulcans are a species that appreciate good ears. (DS9 “The Maquis, Pt II”)

FLAVIUS:  What do you call those? [pointing with his rifle at Spock's head]
SPOCK:     I call them ears.  (TOS "Bread and Circuses")

SOVAL:     What *is* their fixation with our ears?
T’POL:       I believe they’re envious. (ENT “Cease Fire”)

SPOCK:     Somehow they do not look esthetically  pleasing on a human." 
(to Kirk, who has been surgically altered to appear Romulan, TOS "The Enterprise Incident")

cheS 		rabbit-like animal with long ears (n)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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