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Klingon Word of the Day for Monday, December 21, 2020

Klingon word: 'obmaQ
Part of speech: noun
Definition: ax
Source: KGT

pumDI' 'obmaQ 
when the ax falls [i.e. "by that time"] (st.k 11/1999)

(KGT 63f.):  The traditional Klingon arsenal also includes the ax, an implement with a heavy, flattened blade mounted crosswise at the end of a handle. The general term for ax is {'obmaQ}. Its handle is its {DeS} and its blade is its {ghIt}. These words, {DeS} and {ghIt}, when referring to humanoid anatomy, mean arm and open, flat hand (as opposed to a fist), respectively, suggesting that at one time the ax was considered an extension of the warrior himself. A double-headed ax is a {jey'naS}, while an ax with an added spike at the end is a {'alngegh}. To wield or swing an ax is {Qach}.

(KGT 97):  a {warjun} is a large, extremely sharp, square-bladed chopping implement (but for its short handle, it would probably be considered a kind of {'obmaQ} ["ax"]).

   One of the holo-monsters seen in Worf’s Klingon Calisthenics program wielded an axe, the blade of which sported exaggeratedly pointed finials.  (TNG "Where Silence Has Lease")

rIv 		split (v) 
   (Lieven, Hamletmachine):  “like an ax does to a watermelon

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