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Wed Dec 23 08:38:23 PST 2020

Klingon Word of the Day for Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Klingon word: 'Im
Part of speech: verb
Definition: render, boil fat

(ghunchu'wI' [date?]):  Rendering is a process by which one obtains fat from animal parts. It isn't done to fat; it produces purified fat.

(KGT 93):  If heat is used as part of food preparation, the cook is most likely to {mIQ} (deep-fry) the food. This involves first acquiring {tlhagh} (animal fat) from any available source and then heating it up so that it boils (the general word for boil is {pub}, but the verb used specifically to refer to the boiling of fat is {'Im} [render]). After it has been boiling for a while, the food to be fried is tossed in (sometimes having been coated [{pID}] in some kind of paste), and it stays there until it has soaked up as much of the {tlhagh} (fat) as possible. A particularly popular dish, {tlhombuS}, requires that the cook coat a block of {tlhagh} with a mixture of {ngat} (herbed granulated cartilage) and {tIr} (grain) and then briefly immerse the block into the already boiling fat, just until the coating hardens.

(qep’a’ 2019, re * O'Mat Gri T'M pffiots*):   In the TNG episode "Heart of Glory", the Klingon ordering food and drink (from the food replicator) says he wants {'o'mat ghIrI'}, which is some sort of meat and pasta-like concoction.  Then he specifies that the fat in the food should be boiled, one of the optional ways to prepare this dish.  He says {tI'Im!} "boil (the fat [in the entrees])!"  He uses the prefix {tI-} because there are three separate entrees.  Finally, he orders a special, rather pungent Klingon beverage known as {pIvyoch}.

pub 		boil (v)
tet 		melt (v)
ngogh  		block,  lump,  brick (n)

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