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Klingon Word of the Day for Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Klingon word: 'Iw HIq
Part of speech: noun
Definition: bloodwine

jup 'Iw HIq yItlhutlh 
Friend, drink the bloodwine. KGT

jupwI' 'Iw HIq yItlhutlh 
My friend, drink the bloodwine. KGT

jupna' 'Iw HIq yItlhutlh 
Good friend, drink the bloodwine. KGT

jupna'wI' 'Iw HIq yItlhutlh 
My good friend, drink the bloodwine.

maqoch 'Iw HIq yItlhutlh 
Pal, drink the bloodwine. KGT

natlh 'Iw HIq 
The bloodwine is disgusting (slang). KGT

ghun 'Iw HIq, rap boqrat chej 
the *bokrat* liver is as warm as the bloodwine. (HQ 13.1)

'Iw HIq bIr puS chuch bIr puS 
the bloodwine is as cold as the ice is
the bloodwine is as cold as ice  (HQ 13.1)

Hoch beqpu'vaD 'Iw HIq yInob 
Supply blood wine for entire crew. MKE

chaHvaD 'Iw HIq vInob vaj tlhutlhtaH 'e' luSIQlaHbe'
[ translation not available ]  (PB)

pa' 'elDI' Duj 'Iw HIq pIw qagh pIw je lularghlu'chu' 
The smell of bloodwine and *gagh* filled the barge upon entering. (PB)

'Iw HIq qagh je chojabpu'mo' qatlho' 
I thank you for the bloodwine and *gagh*  (PB)

'Iw HIq yap tu'lu'be' 
Sufficient bloodwine does not exist (qep'a' 2014 Secrecy Proverb) 

HIq qIj reghuluS 'Iw HIq ghap jab 
They serve Black Ale or Regulan bloodwine. CK

latlh HIvje'Daq 'Iw HIq bIr yIqang! 
Pour the cold bloodwine into another glass! (idiom) 
"I don't believe you; maybe someone else will" 
"That is irrelevant to me; maybe someone else will care" KGT

(KGT 118 idiom):  The circumstances that prompted the first usage of this saying are unknown, but the imagery is pretty straightforward, especially with the understanding that bloodwine should never be served cold. The expression is always used in this imperative form … A sentence such as {latlh HIvje'Daq 'Iw HIq bIr vIqang} ("I pour the cold bloodwine into another glass") would be interpreted only literally, though perhaps also as a statement about the poor quality of the beverage. 
(KGT 94f.):  Thus, the word {HIq} is translated in various ways in names of different drinks, particularly, though not exclusively, those of non-Klingon origin:  {romuluS HIq} (Romulan ale), {'Iw HIq} (blood wine), {Sorya' HIq} (Saurian brandy). ... Domestic {HIq} is distilled from a number of different kinds of grain ({tIr}), with some additional constituents (of both plant and animal origin, including {'Iw}, blood) adding flavor and strength.  {'Iw HIq} (bloodwine) is served warm to hot (best is {porgh Hat}--body temperature, though it is not clear whose body) and should be very dark red in color.

(KGT 98):  Since certain drinks are typically associated with certain containers, saying the type of drink plus {HIvje'} indicates the type of cup or glass as well:  {'Iw HIq HIvje'} (bloodwine glass)

(KGT 167):  The subject of {yIv} can be only a person or creature, not an inanimate object or a situation. Thus, it is inappropriate to say something like {muyIv 'Iw HIq bIr} ("cold bloodwine chews me").

  Bloodwine is transported and stored in metal barrels ({qegh}). (cf. DS9 "Apocalypse Rising", "Warriors of the Empire")

(quljIb, 12/06/12):  Martok makes reference a number of times to *cases* of bloodwine. I presume this is a box-shaped container ngaSwI', convenient for shipping, with a standard number of bloodwine bottles {'Iw HIq balmey} therein. Also, judging by the on-screen props - particularly on DS9 - it seems bloodwine is bottled, sold, and consumed by the {tlho'ren}. 

  According to Martok 2309 was the finest vintage of bloodwine: “There is no finer vintage!” He brought a barrel of it to share with Captain Sisko and Admiral Ross on Cardassia Prime after the victory over the Dominion. (DS9 “What You Leave Behind, Part I”)

'Iw HIq pIn  	expert on bloodwine, somebody who knows all about bloodwine (slg) 

Voragh, Ca'Non Master of the Klingons
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