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Klingon Word of the Day for Saturday, December 05, 2020

Klingon word: bu'
Part of speech: noun
Definition: sergeant

I.e. a non-commissioned officer ("non-comm" or "N.C.O.") or chief petty officer (a "chief").

AFAIK never used in a sentence.

(KGT 50):  The word {mang} is used when the warrior under discussion is described in terms of his membership in a fighting unit (for example, as a crew member on an attack cruiser) ... The usual plural form of {mang} is a different word altogether: {negh} (warriors, soldiers). The word {mangpu'} is seldom used, but it is not ungrammatical. It carries with it the notion that there are individuals (more than one {mang}) making up the group; {negh} focuses on the group as a unit. [...] Warriors are grouped according to the ships upon which they serve. A ship's full complement of personnel, crew plus officers, is called a {wey}, perhaps best translated as "company"...  An individual crew member is a {beq}. ({QaS} [troops] applies to non-officers whether or not assigned to a ship.)

(KGT 53):  Among the troops ({QaS}), the highest-ranking are given the title {bu'}, traditionally translated as "sergeant", while the next highest have the title {Da'} (corporal). No specific titles are used for anyone of lower rank.

However, Alexander reported to Rotarran first officer Worf by stating, "*Bekk* Alexander Rozhenko, reporting as ordered." (DS9 "Sons and Daughters")

ghuv  		recruit (n) 
beq  		crewman (n)
QaS  		troops,  forces (MKE) (n)

[Feel free to mention any relevant vocabulary or usage notes from 
 the last year or so which I’ve missed. I’ve fallen woefully behind in
 updating my notes. ]
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