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Fri Dec 18 07:50:38 PST 2020

On 12/16/2020 1:18 AM, Lieven L. Litaer wrote:
> If you have any questions, please tell me and I'll forward them to
> Maltz, through Marc Okrand of course.

*bewSom:* Would a simple English gloss be the noun /brew?/

*HIjmeH 'ap:* Would a simple English gloss be the noun /duty /(referring 
to money)?

What is the difference between a *Ho'yI'* and a *HurDagh chuHwI'?* Is 
one a Klingon device and the other not? If so, what does the Klingon 
version look like and how does the it work?

Is *maqDar* an invective or an epithet?

Is *qul QongmoHwI'* used in the sense of "a firefighter who has 
successfully extinguished the fire"? Can *qul QongmoHwI'* refer to the 
devices we call fire extinguishers?

Is *tab* only used in reference to phases of a moon, or can it refer to 
other things, as in *qaStaHvIS vatlh DIS poHmey, tabpu' 
SIqnaSwaqpu'*/Over the centuries, the elves have dwindled?/

*'ebHIv:* Would a simple English gloss be the noun /still?/


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