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loScha'mey chu' vItu'ta'.


buq'ach "trombone" - "sackbut" was the name of a Renaissance-era instrument
similar to a trombone

chI "menstruate" - not a pun, per se, but perhaps supposed to be
etymologically related to chI'ID "uterus"

HommaH "appendix" - "bonus" ("bone + us")

Hovje'voH "evolution" - in the TNG episode "Evolution", nanites cause
malfunctions in the Enterprise's computers, including playing Sousa's
"Stars and Stripes Forever". ('ejvoH is already a "stars and stripes" pun,
leading to the near-palindrome here.)

Ho'yI' "bow" - Houyi is the name of a mythological Chinese archer

jejSIp "acetylene" - "sharp + gas", perhaps an in-universe reference to its
use in cutting metal

navSu' "key, legend" - backwards, "leg + end"

rem'ay' "thoracic diaphragm" - the in-universe derivation might be "suck" +
"part", since the diaphragm is needed to expand the lungs in order to make

targho'nI' "tungsten" - aka wolfram. The earliest etymology for the name
"wolfram" is the Latin "lupi spuma", meaning "wolf's froth". Presumably on
Qo'noS, targs are also noticeably frothy.

tarngeb "uranium" - uranium naturally occurs in an ore called uraninite,
once known as pitchblende. "Pitch" is also known as tar. "Blende" is
another kind of ore also known as false galena. "Tar" + "false (galena)"

tochmu' "bribe" - this one is a bit of a stretch, but here goes. "Grease
someone's palm" is slang for offering a bribe. "Crease" sounds very similar
to "grease". Possibly toch + (Da)mu' = tochmu'?

va'chum "sponge" - backwards, sounds like "mooch off". "To mooch off of
someone" and "to sponge off of someone" are both slang expressions for
being lazy and taking advantage of others.

'ebHIv "distilling apparatus" - "still" means both "distilling apparatus"
and "not moving" (vIHbe')

On Wed, Dec 16, 2020, 1:18 AM Lieven L. Litaer <levinius at gmx.de> wrote:

> Due to the annoying {qoro'na javtIm} (yes, that's canon now), everything
> was different this year. Not only that we had to cancel the qepHom,
> there were also some delivery problems for our handouts which delayed
> everything. As we wanted to send it all at once to the students, the
> words from Maltz were also waiting in the package being sent.
> Today, with a delay of exactly four weeks, we are finally proud to have
> sent over 80 packages to the virtual qepHom attendees, and so we can
> also reveal the words from Maltz — and there are many!
> You can find a list of words at the page in the Klingon Language Wiki,
> and I'll forward the details on this list step by step when I get the
> time. If you have any questions, please tell me and I'll forward them to
> Maltz, through Marc Okrand of course. (He told me that due to the
> pandemic restrictions, Maltz isn't going away anyway, and he's angry
> about that because apparently, Klingons are immune to the disease. But
> Maltz is angry all the time anyway, so it's not much difference.)
> http://klingon.wiki/En/NewWordsQepHom2020
> ber     v.      ovulate, undergo ovulation (i.e. the discharge of a mature
> ovum
> from the ovary)
> bertlham taymey         n.      epilogue
> bewSom  n.      mixture of ingredients that, after a bit of time, produces
> fermented HIq. Maltz thought that maybe this was shortened from
> something like bewSom roghmeH qegh pa' "vat for fermenting bewSom room"
> or "bewSom fermenting vat room", but he wasn't sure about that.
> bewSom pa'      n.      brewery [room]
> bewSom qach     n.      brewery [building]
> bI'reS taymey   n.      prologue
> buq'ach         n.      trombone-like Klingon instrument, so a Terran
> trombone
> would be a tera' buq'ach.
> chenHa' meyrI'  v.      fail to climax (slang), lit. "the square malforms"
> qul chenmoH     v.      light a fire, ignite    fire
> chI     v.      menstruate, undergo menstruation
> chuv    n.      leftover (also used for money change)
> ghItlhwI' 'echlet       n.      chalk board, flip chart
> ghuch   v.      climax, is not heard as frequently as a couple of slang
> expressions: meQ (literally, "burn") and HutmaH chav (literally,
> "achieve 90").
> ghuj    v.      pivot, swivel [what the door knob does when you push it
> down]
> ghujmoH         v.      pivot, swivel [would you do to a door knob]
> HIjmeH 'ap      n.      fee paid when bringing certain commodities into a
> jurisdiction is
> HIjmeH 'ap pIn  n.      customs officer
> HIvje'He        n.      piano in a piano bar
> Hoq     v.      pull a child's wagon (by its handle) or for a train engine
> to
> pull the train along or to pull an electrical plug out of the wall.
> HommaH  n.      appendix (of a book)
> Hovje'voH       n.      evolution (Darwinian), technical or scientific term
> Evolution
> Ho'yI'  n.      bow (for arrows)
> HuqmeH 'ap      n.      excise tax, sales tax, VAT
> Hur     v.      pull, tug; refers to the action of pulling back the string
> of
> the bow but also to pulling the handle on a door to open or close the
> door or to pulling on someone's suspenders.
> HurDagh chuHwI'         n.      bow (for arrows) (not a Klingon device),
> lit.
> "stringed-instrument hurler"
> HurwI'  n.      bow (for arrows) (not a Klingon device) (short form)
> HutmaH  n.      sexual climax (slang), literally "90." Maltz didn't know
> how
> 90 got to be associated with climaxing.
> jejSIp  n.      acetylene
> jIrmoH  v.      crank, can be used for turning a doorknob.
> lenmeS rop      n.      Lenmes disease, a native Klingon disease caused by
> a
> bacterium. Its symptoms include high fever, weakness, and perhaps
> abdominal pain, headaches, and a skin rash.     medical terms
> maqDar  n.      mak'dar, Klingon insult         cursing
> may'ron raS     n.      piano
> mutchoH         n.      evolution (Darwinian), less technical term
> Evolution
> namyaS  n.      hood (of a cloak, robe, sweatshirt, or whatever)
> navSu'  n.      key, legend (as on a map)
> ngutlh'a'       n.      upper-case letter
> paSta'  n.      Terran pasta, noodles, spaghetti. This is a Terran thing
> (or
> things), so they borrowed the word.
> pomtut  n.      battering ram
> pupHa'  v.      be approximate; If it's necessary to hedge one's bets
> adverbially, chaq "perhaps" and ghaytan "likely" are acceptable.
> pupqa'  v.      bribe (slang)
> qav     n.      Maltz didn't know what qav by itself was, but he said he
> wouldn't be surprised to learn that qav'ap was shortened from qavmeH 'ap
> or something like that at some point in the past.
> qeqchu'         v.      train really well, to work really hard at it and
> achieve
> intended goals
> qet'uy  n.      pine cone, something that grows on certain kinds of trees
> and looks much like a pine cone as seen on Earth.       botany
> qoro'na javtIm  n.      corona virus    medical terms
> qo'vID wa'maH Hut       n.      Covid 19 (SARS-CoV-2 disease)   medical
> terms
> qul qaDwI'      n.      firefighter, lit. fire challenger       fire
> qul QongmoHwI'  n.      firefighter, one who puts fires to sleep, but
> that's
> usually not applied until the fire is actually out.     fire
> qul SuvwI'      n.      firefighter, lit. fire fighter, fire warrior
> fire
> qul tlhay'moHwI'        n.      firefighter, lit. fire tamer (less
> frequent)    fire
> QongmoH         v.      extinguish fire, lit. put to sleep, cause to
> sleep      fire
> rem'ay'         n.      diaphragm, thoracic diaphragm (body part)
>  body parts
> Sor 'IventoH    n.      pine cone, lit. tree pineapple; the proper term is
> qet'uy.
> tab     v.      wane, ebb, dwindle (talking about phases of a moon),
> idiomatic
> usage: "not applying yourself fully to the task at hand"
> tabHa'  v.      wax (talking about phases of a moon)
> targho'nI'      n.      tungsten
> tarngeb         n.      uranium
> taymey  n.      section of a book or play or the like that's separate from
> the main portion of the work. taymey is a frozen form and is considered
> singular. It's okay to say taymeymey
> teywI' 'echlet  n.      chalkboard or whiteboard or any similar surface
> that
> can be erased and reused
> tochmu'         n.      bribe / normally used with the verb chup
> (recommend,
> suggest) and sometimes with much (present).
> tlham rI'gheS   n.      parachute, lit. gravity deflector. Apparatus that
> creates some sort of force field that counters gravity when descending.
> tlhay   v.      embalm; refers to infusing a dead body with some sort of
> fluid to preserve it (and thereby create a jItuj'ep mummy).
> tlho' Huch      n.      tip, lit. gratitude money; Maltz said the concept
> was weird.
> va'chum         n.      sponge (for cleaning)
> veqtal  n.      VeK'tal; The VeK'tal response is a measure of Klingon
> physiological condition
> vemmoH  v.      light a fire, lit. wake up, cause to wake up    fire
> wejHa'  adv.    already, means something along the lines of "before now"
> or "as of now."
> woj tlhuD       v.      be radioactive, lit. "emit radiation"
> 'alwI'  n.      floater, informal word for parachute, the old-fashioned
> contraption that resembles an umbrella
> 'ap     n.      dues, toll
> 'ebHIv  n.      apparatus used to distill various concoctions into an
> acceptable form of HIq
> 'ebHIv pa'      n.      distillery [room]
> 'ebHIv qach     n.      distillery [building]
> 'ebraH  n.      climax (sexual)
> 'o'nI' Sub      n.      solid foam (like styrofoam)
> 'uch    v.      keep (in the combination of change)
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