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Klingon Word of the Day for Saturday, November 28, 2020

Klingon word: tetlh
Part of speech: verb
Definition: roll
Source: tlhIngan-Hol Mailing List -  De'vID - 01 March 2019

(De’vID < MO, 3/01/2019: (“down a hill like a log”) 

AFAIK never used in a sentence.

tetlh  		roll,  scroll,  list (n)

(st.klingon, 7/09/1998):  Thus, one would usually say {naD tetlh gher} "he/she compiles the Commendation List" or "he/she writes the Commendation List". (Maltz laughed at, but accepted, {Soj tetlh gher} for "he/she writes the grocery list".) One would probably {gher}, rather than {qon}, a suggested list of readings, a gazetteer, a simple menu, or the instructions for assembling a toy (assuming the latter is not really an exercise in creative writing).
(KGT 182):  in the ceremony to induct new members into the Order of the Bat'leth ({betleH 'obe'}), the highest honor that the government bestows on a Klingon, the presiding official, usually the leader of the Klingon High Council, first reads a name from the {naD tetlh} (Commendation List), always calling out the inductee's name in the most formal way (given name plus father's name, such as {tI'vIS barot puqloD} [T'vis, son of Barot]).
(MO email to Lieven, 06/08/2013):  While {tetlh} can refer to a scroll, it can also refer to anything rolled up scroll-like (like toilet paper). The meaning of {tetlh}, over time, got extended to refer not only to the scroll/roll, but the contents of what may be written on a scroll and from there to refer to the sort of thing that may be traditionally written on a scroll, such as a "list" of things. So, even if not written on a scroll, a shopping list could be a {tetlh}. So could a ship's manifest. A {Qumran}, on the other hand, is only a scroll. And it has connotations of something important or sacred or ancient, though a {Qumran} need not be all three of those things. When a scroll is a part of a ceremony of some kind, it's typically referred to as a {Qumran}, not a {tetlh}, even though it is a {tetlh}, so if you called it that, you wouldn't be wrong, but it might sound inappropriate. […] In short -- any {Qumran} is a {tetlh}, but every {tetlh} is not a {Qumran}.

(qep’a’ 2015):  When asked about navigating lists or events, [Maltz] gave us {vorgh} "be previous" (opposite of {veb} "be next").  Can also use {nungbogh} ({nung} "precede") …

(HQ 12.2:9):  for the beginning of a list (of names or words, for example, whether spoken out loud or written on a scroll), one would say simply {pong wa'DIch} "first name" or {mu' wa'DIch} "first word". For the end, one could say {pong HochDIch} "last name" or {mu' HochDIch} "last word", but one could also use a special term for the end of the list, {natlIS}. 
(DevID < MO, 2/10/2018):  "Be sorted" is {patlh}, which also means "have a rank of".  So "sort" is {patlhmoH}, also meaning "rank".  The object of {patlhmoH} is not a list (as a whole) but the things in the list, the things to be ranked or sorted.  {Sal} and {ghIr} cannot be used for sort order.  To sort a list of English words alphabetically (or reverse alphabetically), use constructions like {wa’DIch a, HochDIch z} or {wa’DIch z, HochDIch a}.  For a list of Klingon words, it would be {wa’DIch bay, HochDIch qaghwI’, wa’DIch qaghwI’, HochDIch bay}.  You’d use similar constructions to sort by date or whatever.  I’m assuming that, for your purposes, you wouldn’t sort by anything other than something that can be put in a specific order – that is, not sorting by color, for example..." And to the question of whether *{yoymoH} could be used for reversing a list, [Okrand] replied: "No. Use {DopmoH} "cause to be opposite"." 

chabal tetlh 	wish list (n)
 naD tetlh 	commendation list (n)
Soj tetlh 	grocery list (n)

Qumran 	scroll (n)
HIDjolev 	menu (n)
mem 		catalog (n)
paq 		book (n)
ghu'lIS 		entry in a list (n)
natlIS 		last item in a list (n)
gher		compile (v)

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